EBOOK: Budtending Simplified



noun: budtender; plural noun: budtenders; noun: bud-tender; plural noun: bud-tenders


  1. a person who serves customers at an establishment where cannabis is sold.


This book details what you need to know to champion the 3 key areas of budtending: Plant knowledge, product knowledge & customer service. 

The knowledge found therein is generalized to address the needs of cannabis customers, and can be used for legal budtenders across the United States. This compilation of knowledge is meant to solidify the industry standard for budtenders. So whether you are brand new to the game or years in this information will help you help your customers with great recommendations and reassurance.


With the list of legal cannabis stores expanding from state to state, it is important that there are knowledgeable staff members that can guide customers to the products that they need. While the state laws are currently varied throughout the United States, the products in the legal shops have linear themes. With the knowledge provided in this book any person should be able to provide quality customer service to people seeking to explore cannabis products, whether it be recreational, medical or otherwise.