100 MG Pure CBD Capsules (10 per pack)



CBD Isolate, coconut oil, gelatin capsule

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This impressive pack of 1000 MG pure CBD capsules is non-psychoactive, vegan, and derived from naturally grown hemp. Each capsule is packed with 100 mg of Pure CBD therefore this product is great for those needing high doses.

 Onset occurs in 45 minutes to an hour and luckily the duration will last longer than alternative delivery methods. Consumption of a CBD Isolate Capsule in the morning and/or at night is a great regimen for CBD. 

It has the potential to regulate sleep patterns by keeping you sleep longer, allowing you to enjoy more of your REM pattern, as well as conditions like chronic pain, inflammation, and nerve conditions. 


10 capsules, each containing coconut oil infused with 100 milligrams of CBD isolate


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