CBD Grape Sleep Aid – 200mg

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Ingredients: Deionized Water, Sugar cane, Citric Acid, Salt, Natural Flavors, Natural Coloring

Description: Each 118 mL bottle of CBD Living PM Syrup contains 200 mg of broad-spectrum nano-CBD extracts and 16mg of melatonin.

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Sleep more soundly with CBD Living PM Syrup. It combines the power of CBD with natural sleep aid melatonin to reduce pain and inflammation. CBD Living’s Syrups are produced with 100% natural ingredients and help treat a wide array of health-related symptoms. This is a THC Free product and non-psychoactive, so it won’t make you feel “high.” 

This product contain 200mg of broad-spectrum CBD. CBD Living uses a unique nano-CBD technology to infuse each syrup with CBD that is highly bioavailable and easily absorbed. Syrups will allow the user to adjust the CBD dosage as needed. It contains nano-CBD which improves bioavailability and increases absorption.

CBD Living PM Syrups should be taken in the evening about 30 minutes prior to sleep. This will allow the CBD to be absorbed and the melatonin to take effect. As this product contains melatonin, which is a natural sleep aid, this product is not appropriate for daytime use. Again, if you are unfamiliar with CBD dosing, start small and work your way up as needed.


4 fl oz. bottle of 200 mg Broad Spectrum CBD syrup.


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