October 2nd, 2019; 1:00pm
Really helped me!

I bought the CBD tincture, gummies, honey and salve. All three really helped me with my ailments. I suffer from a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and therefore I have trouble moving (walking, lifting arm, aching muscles). With the salve, I rubbed on my shoulder that was painful. Pain decreased in my joints and I’m able to lift my arm higher. I used the honey with tea which really helped relax my muscles and helped me sleep. The gummies were tasty and did the same thing as the honey. The tincture did the same as well. I took some every morning. After holding it under my tongue, I was able to absorb it faster and it helped relax my whole body to the point that I don’t feel much pain anymore.

Victoria U.

January 7th , 2019; 4:23pm
CBD Bath Bombs...

Def ordering these again

Kayla Burns

June 14th, 2019; 11:27am

If you have anxiety, sleepless night, pain etc...please look into cbd. I love Wise Way CBD. All natural!

Jas Nic X

February 25th, 2020; 9:27pm

CBD helps me to relax when I'm feeling overwhelmed by the everyday stresses of life. It allows me to be present in the moment without worrying about the past of the future.

Dante Miles

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