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Learn more about CBD and other cannabinoids, the benefits of CBD, how to use CBD products, and more frequently asked questions below!
What Is CBD?
CBD (Cannabidiol) is a natural molecule that comes from the Hemp plant. There are at least 113 unique compounds found in Hemp. These are called cannabinoids.
How does CBD work in the body?
Cannabinoids interact with the body’s central regulatory systems. These systems manage homeostasis and affect bodily processes such as appetite, mood, memory, sleep, immune system functions. Cannabinoid connect with receptors in both the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system.
How much should I take?

Although we can not diagnose or prescribe, we can tell you about common dosing and what is typically working for our customers.

Your ideal serving size depends on many factors including your size, weight, and other physiological considerations as well as the desired nutritional or other goals you are trying to achieve. Many people begin with a serving of 10 mg taken orally (swallowed or placed under the tongue for 60 seconds), one to three times a day. The serving size and frequency can be gradually increased or decreased, as desired, to achieve your goals. A common adult dose can range between 10-50 mg of extracted hemp oil per day.

Each drop in our 500 mg tincture contains approximately .5  mg CBD

1000 mg tincture – 1 mg per drop

1500 mg tincture – 2  mg per drop

2500 mg tincture – 3 mg per drop
Can I get high from Full Spectrum CBD?
No. The terpenes, flavonoids and other phytocompounds extracted from hemp plants do not contain the compound THC in sufficient quantities required to produce a high. The active phytonutrients and other compounds in hemp oil extracts provide many of the health and wellness benefits of the cannabis plant without the psychotropic effect (the high), allowing you to consume these products while maintaining a clear mind.
Will I fail A drug test when consuming Full Spectrum CBD?
It is absolutely possible to fail a drug test when you are consuming Full Spectrum Hemp Extract. All of our products contain trace amounts of THC that can build up in your system over time and cause a failed drug test.