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November 15th, 2020; 3:03pm

Deja West

Tincture is MAGIC

Bought the tincture -1,000mg- and got the melatonin capsule samples with my order. All I can say is WOW! Helped so much with my headaches and anxiety (super useful this year with everything going on). I put the tincture in my tea most of the time. No strong taste and fast relief. Will be buying again!

August 21st, 2020; 4:40pm

Josh Wise

CBD for dogs

Wise Way made my experience not only easy, nut made me better informed than I was about the positive effects of consistent CBD use for my aging golden retriever. She became lethargic and unmotivated to do most things, very out of character. After just a few uses of the CBD tincture she is already more active, and seems to sleep more soundly. We will continue to use this as a supplemental health enhancer! Cheers and thanks Wise Way!

February 25th, 2020; 9:27pm

Dante Miles

CBD helps me to relax when I’m feeling overwhelmed by the everyday stresses of life. It allows me to be present in the moment without worrying about the past of the future.
October 2nd, 2019; 1:00pm

Victoria U.

Really helped me! I bought the CBD tincture, gummies, honey and salve. All three really helped me with my ailments. I suffer from a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and therefore I have trouble moving (walking, lifting arm, aching muscles).
June 14th, 2019; 11:27am

Jas Nic X

If you have anxiety, sleepless night, pain etc…please look into cbd. I love Wise Way CBD. All natural!
January 7th , 2019; 4:23pm

Kayla Burns

CBD Bath Bombs… Def ordering these again

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