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What are the best reasons to try CBD?

By Darius West |

PUBLISHED: March 28th, 2019 12:25 AM

That is easy, it provides relief from chronic pain, stimulates a deeper sleep pattern, reduces spasticity and severity of seizures in epileptics, reduces symptoms of Alzheimer’s and dementia, among other things. One thing I love about CBD is how natural and unprocessed the products are. All products are produced with natural hemp, and most only contain 2 ingredients. Relieving some form of pain or discomfort is the number one reason many people use CBD. Pain and discomfort can attach itself to the body in an endless amount of ways, because this issue is varied among people a flexible solution is needed. What is so special about how the CBD molecule works is that it can determine where to go based on your bodies Endocannabinoid System. Tapping into this system allows CBD to simply fills in the imbalanced parts to bring the body back into homeostasis. For some that means a calming of the nervous system to reduce ticks and tremors. For others that looks like promoting bone regrowth. CBD is especially impactful in dealing with chronic pain.

94% of opioids are prescribed for pain management. Many of our customers reduce or eliminate their use of pain management opioids like tramadol, hydromorphone, oxycodone, and legal fentanyl. Cannabidiol (CBD) has analgesic properties, meaning it can relieve pain just as well as opioids, but without many of the negative side effects like addiction and biological imbalance. During spouts of pain from an injury or ailment pain management becomes a need, and lack of a solution can greatly worsen the condition of one’s life. The reason we offer CBD in a variety of products like tea, isolate, and oil is to allow our customers the opportunity to shape the way they want to medicate. The solution does not always have to come in the form of a pill, but if you prefer that method, we have perfectly dosed capsules for you!

All our products are sourced from producers who provide 3rd party tests showing that the product contains either 100% CBD or less than 0.3% THC, as applicable with the current Federal Law. All products are produced with natural hemp, no chemical additives and enhancers are needed to make these products potent. The fact that the manufacture process is so simple is a strong testament to the natural abilities of the plant. On top of that it is safer than many alternatives, not only does it not have side effects, but it also has absolutely no chance of overdose and minimal chance of addiction. CBD is what we call a low risk high reward situation, while in this example opioids offer high reward with an equally high risk of addiction or death. Cannabis science is forever developing. So far CBD has showed us that it can have a major impact on the way we manage our pain in the future. In todays world insurance pays big money to pharmacy companies to make and distribute opioids that are a subpar solution compared to cannabidiol. In the future communities could pay big money to local producers of cannabidiol to sustain their medicine. Until then, the mission of Wise Way LLC and is to distribute the knowledge of CBD as medicine.

Cannabis Politics: Where's the Restorative Justice?

By Darius West |

When the possession, use and distribution of cannabis became illegal, there was mass criminalization and millions of people were jailed and fined. In 2017 cannabis violations made up 40.4 % of national drug abuse violations. That was 659,700 charges, a 0.98% increase from the previous year. [1] Businessmen in legal states have been quick to build cannabis brands, politicians have been quick to collect taxes. Only a few states have incorporated the question of retroactive reform mechanisms in legislation. With the development of new laws there is an opportunity to help those imprisoned by unjust drug laws.

          States like California have shown what restorative justice looks like. Most of the states that initially passed cannabis reform legislation, like Colorado, Oregon and Washington, focused on new businesses, but ignored retroactive relief for offenders. Retroactive relief is the principle that when a law is changed and benefits an offender, the law applies retroactively.[2] In this case there should be a release and expungement of those in jail solely for cannabis-based offenses. This may also cause for a penalty reduction for other offenders who have compounding charges. Restorative justice should be addressed in every piece of legislation that is developed.

The Equity Program, which was adopted in 2016 Oakland, CA directly addressed the injustice created by cannabis laws. The Equity Permit Program is an addition to the cannabis regulations in Oakland designed to prioritize business licenses to Oakland residents who were convicted of cannabis-related crimes.[3] Entry into the program provides industry specific assistance, information on business ownership, no-interest business start-up loans and waivers from city permit fees.

In 2018, Sen. Cory Booker introduced the Marijuana Justice Act, prioritizing restorative justice amendments. In its own words: “The Marijuana Justice Act is the first bill in Congress to center marijuana legalization in criminal justice reform, accountability, and community reinvestment – laying the groundwork on the federal level for what a fair and equitable legalization process should look like. This legislation acknowledges the disparate devastation communities faced during federal prohibition, while working to repair these harms.”[4] The Marijuana Justice Act calls for declassification of cannabis from the Controlled Substances Act and cuts federal funding for policing drug crimes. The law also ensures an efficient and timely process for expunging records. These steps are crucial for an amendment on the federal scale. If passed it will set the standard for how states will handle restoring justice to people negatively impacted by unjust laws.

Darlene Flynn is the director of the Office of Equity in Oakland, which lead the analysis. She believes that barriers have been built into the judicial systems for hundreds of years. This program is aiming to build an equal playing field for all those who want to be involved in the cannabis industry. “We’re putting on the table the conditions that are impacting the segments of our population who have been channeled away from opportunity for a long time.”[5] An equity analysis done by the Office of Equity found a need for community economic development, access to living wage employment, ownership of business assets and wealth building, and consideration of unequal enforcement of drug laws.[6]

Community organizations have taken it upon themselves to press this issue. On October 20th – 27th 2018 over 20 organizations nationwide put on the inaugural National Expungement Week.[7] They offered free legal clinics to help seal, remove or reclassify eligible convictions from attendees’ criminal records. Organizations like Equity First Alliance (Los Angeles, CA), We Baked Cage Free Cannabis (Los Angeles, CA), Denver NORML (Denver,CO) , Cannabis Noire (Philadelphia, PA) will be the spark in ensuring that justice stays on the list of priorities for politicians going forward.


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